New In : Bronze Accessories

Door pulls, joinery pulls and handles

F   E   R   M   A   T
These pleasing pools of bronze can be chosen in a range of finishes that will give your space a truly regal air. The Fermat handles are available in many different sizes and designs so be sure to check them out here!
C   Y   R   U   S
These slim bronze wands are available in two sizes and will no doubt create some wonderful magic in your space. Choose a quiet finish that assists other existing design elements, or opt for a gleaming polish that will make these the centre of all attention. 
M   E   S   S   I   N   A
Whether in a rough-cast polished finish or a smooth satin finish, these bronze droplets are a lovely accessory for any interior. All bronze products are available on a 12-14 week lead time. 
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