Designer Furniture in Sydney

To complete the aesthetic of your home, various pieces must work together. When it comes to designer furniture and luxury furniture in Australia, Australian Design and Co. has you covered.

Whether you're looking for a single item or want to revamp your entire house, our furniture pieces store provides an extensive range of Australian designer furniture to complement the style of your home.

There are multiple aspects to consider when purchasing furniture.  The most significant factor to take into account is your unique style. However, comfort and purpose are also crucial factors. Do you have kids or animals? Do you often host parties at your house? Is there a home office in your house? When selecting designer furniture, these factors should be consider.

High-end custom-made furniture in Sydney

Today, demands won't always be met by ideas of yesterday since life doesn't stand still. At Australian Design and Co., we take pride in fusing the aesthetics and traditions of the past and present to design furniture that serves functional and aesthetic functions.

Utilising the most up-to-date tools and processes, we draw on years of traditional craftsmanship to provide you with the best of both worlds: carefully designed items that are meant to last while giving you the answers you want for contemporary life.

Our clients are provided with high-quality custom design furniture in Sydney and best value for their investment in furniture. To move your house into the future, we provide the excellence of the past and the solutions of the present with our quality designer furniture in Sydney.

Common FAQ

Which Sydney designer furniture stores are affordable?

Quality, comfortable, and designer furniture are available from Australian Design and Co. at an incredibly affordable price. Whatever your budget, we guarantee you'll discover the ideal item for your house here. We only believe in offering our customers the greatest and most reasonably priced Australian-made furniture in Sydney, be it a well-crafted furniture style or meaningful custom design furniture.

Why choose Australian Design and Co.

Our online furniture store in Australia offers a large selection of exquisitely designed, long-lasting, and attractive furniture.  Whether you want to renovate or modify your house, all furniture needs will be covered here.

We're sure you'll discover all you want to create the aesthetic decor you've always desired while upholding the level of comfort that makes your house a home.

How long until you receive your designer furniture order? 

For products in stock, shipping will happen within 10 business days, depending on your location. Items made to order will be delivered according to the indicated lead times. Although we strive to deliver your item as promptly as possible, delivery to distant places may take longer. We do not currently ship overseas. To place an overseas order, you can mail us your requirements at

Looking for additional details or interested in consulting with us to choose the ideal furniture for your home? Call us on (02) 8001 6646 or send an email at You can count on a response from us shortly.